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PHM is among the largest global networks of Civil Society Organisations and People’s Movements working on right to health and universal access to healthcare services with presence in over 80 countries. Most of our country circles represent developing countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America. Though most of the work of PHM is voluntary, we do require financial resources to support our activities. In particular, PHM needs an adequate and stable funding base to support campaign activities under “Health for All” programme. 

Support us in our struggle for Right to Health!

PHM accounts are hosted by Viva Salud, a non-profit organization based in Belgium.

Registration nr: BE0418.282.311
Chaussée de Haecht 53
1210 Brussels Belgium

You can donate through one of the following:

1. Donate through PayPal/Debit Card/Credit Card

2. Bank Transfer

Account details: BE15 0010 4517 8030 | BIC: GEBABEBB

*Note that for European donors, donations of 40 Euro or more a year give you the right to tax certificate.

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