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Colombia prepares to host PHA5 in 2023

With a preparatory workshop in Santiago de Cali on February 17 and 18, in which the social forces struggling for the right to health converged, the organization of the 5th People’s Health Assembly -PHA5- began.

At the workshop, the PHM Colombia, as host country, drew its roadmap for the organization of the PHA5 to be held in Colombia in December 2023.

Delegates from social movements, organizations, ethnic peoples, activists, peasant, union, student representatives and various social expressions for the right to health in Colombia and PHM Latin America, participated in the workshop in which the coordinators and representatives to the Organizing Committee were elected, the political and organizational stakes and scope of the PHA5 were discussed, as Colombia will host both the Assembly and the International People’s Health University.

International delegates of the PHM Global shared, virtually, their experiences of previous assemblies, and also discussed the preparation of the programmatic agenda and logistical, administrative and financial challenges involved in organizing an event of global scope in the post-pandemic period.

With the support of the national organizing committee and the PHM Global Secretariat, a meeting was held with the authorities of the departmental government of Valle del Cauca and the Universidad del Valle, which will host the PHA5, seeking to make the links and first agreements to ensure the organization and success of the PHA5 in Colombia.