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Call for proposals for self organized activities during the People’s Health Assembly 5 (PHA5)

The PHA5 will be held on April 7-11, 2024 in Mar del Plata, Argentina. The PHA5-program will provide a space for self-organized activities. In the afternoons of the PHA5, from 13:30-15:00, organizations and networks are offered the opportunity to organize a workshop/session. Partner organizations and networks are invited to express interest to host such an activity. You can do so by emailing [email protected] and [email protected]. For all questions and queries, please use the same email addresses.

1. Themes
The proposed topics for such sessions will have to be in sync with the broad themes of PHA5. Activities can include a combination of different formats, including cultural presentations, case studies, testimonies, etc.
Thematic Axes of PHA5 are:

  • Towards the transformation of health systems
  • Gender justice in health
  • Ecosystem health: food, energy, climate
  • Resisting forced migration and war
  • Promoting ancestral and popular knowledge in health

2. Principles and guidelines for self organized activities
Self organized activities should conform to The People’s Charter for Health, our shared vision on the right to health. Each activity will be for 1:30 hours. Organizations can propose up to a maximum of 4 activities. Two activities can be organized over sequential sessions on the same day. Multiple organizations can join together to propose an activity, for example an alliance or health platform. Proposals can ask for varying sizes of venue – ranging from those that accommodate 70 people to those that accommodate up to 800 people.

3. Cost
Depending on the size of the self-organized activity, PHM will ask organizers to pay a fixed fee. This will cover infrastructure expenses, including audiovisual materials. It will also contribute to the financial viability of the assembly.
Contributions for each activity are as follows:

Venue for 70 people (Workshop) 3.500 EU

Venue for 100 people (Seminar) 5.000 EU

Venue for 300 people (Seminar) 7.500 EU

Venue for 800 people (Conference) 10.000 EU

4. Interpretation
If live interpretation is required (ESP-ENG-FR), please make sure to inform [email protected] and [email protected]. This will entail an additional cost for the organizers.

5. Process
To submit a proposal, please send a little concept note to [email protected] and [email protected]. A sub-committee of the PHA5 Programme Committee will examine all proposals received. Organizations with limited resources can seek a waiver from making a contribution (partial or near-total). The sub-committee will decide on the waiver.

Download the call for proposals for self organized activities during PHA5

Descargue la convocatoria para propuestas de eventos paralelos en la ASP5 en español