(EN/ES/FR) Now Playing: Webinar on Privatisation of Healthcare/Webinar sobre la privatización de la salud/Webinar sur la privatisation des soins de santé

PHM Health Systems Thematic Circle organised a webinar on “Commercialisation and privatization of healthcare: Key challenges for Right to health defenders” on 30 August, 2022; 10 pm Seoul/ 6.30 pm Delhi/4 … Read more

(EN/ES/FR) Statement on Health Workers in Tigray/Declaración sobre el personal sanitario de Tigray/Déclaration sur les travailleurs de la santé au Tigré

Health workers in Tigray are working in a collapsed health system. Tigray Regional health Bureau (TRHB) revealed that 78% of health posts, 72% of health centres, and 80% of hospitals … Read more

(EN/AR) Short Course on Struggle for Health for MENA region in Lebanon

The International People’s Health University (IPHU) of the PHM is organising a short training course “The Struggle for Health” for young health activists. The course is being organised jointly with … Read more